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Elevate Your Food.
Elevate Your Life.

Individualized, Science-Based, Holistic Nutrition Care from Licensed Registered Dietitians



At Viva Nutrition Counseling, we believe that your overall well-being is just as important as what you eat. Our holistic approach to nutrition takes into account your lifestyle, habits, and preferences to create a personalized plan that fits your unique needs. We prioritize one-on-one counseling to provide the tailored, evidence-based advice and support that our clients need to make lasting, positive changes.  Our goal is to empower you to make sustainable changes that enhance your health and happiness.

Close-up of kale salad and vegetables
Vegan Bowl
Woman cutting fruit


Viva Nutrition Counseling offers both in-person and Telehealth (virtual) appointments. We invite you to schedule an initial consultation. During this session, we will discuss your overall health, current nutritional intake, laboratory data pertinent to your diagnosis, medication-nutrient interactions, evaluate your nutritional status, and determine how we can best support you in achieving your goals by creating a personalized nutrition plan backed by evidenced-based science to improve your health. 

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"You have no idea how much I appreciate all of the help and support you have given me.  I never thought I could make the changes I have so far, and have the confidence to keep working on making good choices and listening to those that help in the future. 

I want to also thank you for the way you deal with your patients.  You are always so supportive and never made me feel like I should be ashamed or that I couldn't make the changes you were trying to help me with"


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